What does it rhyme with “orange”…?

Tema idiota del día: Cómo pirarse del curro y encima ser guay.

(para los que no viven en la onda: OOF quiere decir Out of Office).

“Welcome to Perma-OOF 1.1


Press #1 Repeatedly on the keyboard for urgent assistance

Press #2 Every few minutes for normal assistance


Bash your head against the keyboard if you are just too frustrated to care anymore and you just want to ship this OS…


What a treat, you got my OOF… I may or may not be in my office… I dunno… if you have to wait more than 10 min for a reply, then I am not here, either that or I am ignoring you… spin the wheel of mystery.. 

If it is important, please find someone more important than me… If it is really important, and all you have to turn to is me, be very worried. You can call my cell at 425-xxx-xxxx.

Oh yeah.. Gov…Rhymes with Orange”


“Subject: Out of Office: Desktops for Science fair 

Howdy! If you need Ian Ferrell, you’ve reached the right channel but the wrong time. The Ferrell P.I. show is on summer hiatus until September 4. 

Last week Ian received an urgent phone call from his writer friend, Mr. Robin Masters, who has a lovely beach house in
Hawaii and needs a bit of part-time security around the place. Ian’s rugged good looks, thick curly hair, carved-granite chest and gasp-inducing moustache fit the bill perfectly, so for the rest of August the only place you’ll find Ian is tooling around
Oahu in Robin’s Ferrari 308 GTS. Sure, it’s painful having to teach all those beach bunnies how to snorkel but Ian’s the sort of chap who will take one for the team. Thank god Rick knows how to pour a proper G&T over at the King Kamehameha Club to help Ian relax after all this work.
 If you are in a pants-wetting panic about Medici where you simply HAVE to talk to a real person, feel free to contact the Incubation property manager / butler, Mr. John “Higgins” Manferdelli. John can be a bit of a priss since he’s always working on his “memoirs”, likes to say “Oh my GOD Ian!” and tends to wear belted safari suits much too much, but in a pinch he can help out. Rumour has it John knows how to reach Ian by mobile phone and email; if only he could control The Lads as well… 

Tune in after September 4 if you want to see new episodes of Ferrell P.I. Until then, I’m sorry but you’ll have to make due with reruns. Cheers,


Y por cierto, qué curioso que Orange no rima con nada, no? 🙂



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