Random links Q1 2008

Renunciando ya definitivamente a intentar en vano ser original:

  • BOFH – The Bastard Operator From Hell. Un poco friki pero muy, muy gracioso. El primer capítulo es que es la leche (‘”I need more space” he says. “Well, why not move to Texas?”‘)
  • Saber Vivir. Lo que uno se pierde por no ver la tele por las mañanas…
  • Conference Call, versión ventas.
  • El porqué tienes comprar acciones de Trekking Mahlzeiten antes de que se hagan definitivamente de oro.

Y más pruebas de que me hago definitivamente mayor y cualquier cosa me hace gracia:


“I didn’t understand Nascar until I met some Nascar fans.  You talk to a couple of Nascar fans and you’ll see where a shiny car driving in a circle would fascinate them all day.  And I can make fun of Nascar fans, because if they chase me, I just turn right.” – Alonzo Bodden

“In terms of understanding corporate finance, economists have it all wrong when they say “there is no free lunch”. Rather, the more appropriate comment ought to be “somebody has to pay for lunch – and it isn’t going to be me.” – Martin Whitman, Portfolio Manager of Third Avenue Value Fund

Y un par que me aplican…

“If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?” – Scott Adams

Someone said, “I hate skinny people, especially when they say ‘Oh, I forgot to eat.’ I’ve forgotten my keys, I’ve forgotten my coat, but I’ve never forgotten to eat. It takes some kind of special stupid to forget to eat.”



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