Living la vida loca

Since we have to do some testing on Macs, we just got some of them in the office this week. Shiny brand new 13” MacBooks. First time using a Mac, it feels nice to be able to play with it. (Shame on me for wasting my time writing down this kind of useless, pseudo-geeky stuff)

Things that I’ve liked so far

  • Very fast reboot.
  • Spotlight: Very fast search in all computer, with a rich number of results, divided by file type, application, …
  • Having the webcam setup from the beginning, that let you take your picture as user icon.
  • Sleep mode, with instant resume. Semi sleep mode with dimmed display.
  • Lock: Decide if you want to lock some setting with admin password (and not being hassled with UAC pop-ups)
  • Having the caps lock ON indicator on the key itself. That, seriously, I don’t understand why I like. I remember having a pc keyboard like that and thinking that was stupid… I guess this is the power of the commercials.
  • Integration with .Mac from the system setup
  • Safari lets you remember your bookmarks across computers where you have the same .Mac ID
  • UI, a chapter apart:
    • The ones that they always show: Magnifying glass for the dock bar, minimizing and maximizing windows (sinking effect)… Very cool…
    • Initial setup wizard: 3d cube that rotates with each screen.
    • Dropping a new application into the sidebar (called Dashboard): ripple effect. Super cool
    • Pop-ups popping up
    • A kind of media center screen,  showing shortcuts to DVD, music and pictures, that I swear I have no idea how to start.
    • It just feels clean

Things that I haven’t found the way to do.

Not that they are problems, but they are at least not that easy to find

  • Find a notepad (finally I got it :-). It’s called “text editor”, duh)
  • Keep the sidebar on the desktop all the time
  • Shortcuts (how do I minimize all the windows?)
  • Solve the wireless problems (it’s painfully slow/disconnected).
  • Maximize a window to occupy the whole screen (although the resolution is big enough for that not being a problem).
  • Open a command prompt!

Things that I don’t like

  • Why backspace is called delete?? 🙂 Where is “del”??
  • I had an expectation of a Mac being very fast (again the power of commercials). There are some things that take longer that I’d like to (e.g. listing the wireless connections)
  • Why I don’t have a right click (and I know that I can do ctrl-click, but …)?
  • Can I resize a window just from the bottom right corner?
  • And why the f*** it can’t connect to any wireless network?!

Written from a very nice Lenovo X61 using Live Writer (because the damn Mac can’t connect to internet)



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